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Data Analytics with R

On Demand

Course Description: Do you work with data on a daily basis? Are you finding that tools like Excel are holding you back in both your analysis and productivity? Are you spending hours copying and pasting into a presentation or report, only to do it all over again because a requirement changes or the data needs to be refreshed?   

This course introduces business professionals to the power of the R programming language for data analysis, visualization, and reporting. Through real-world scenarios and datasets in a project-based format, participants will learn how to leverage R in their day-to-day work to produce professional visualizations and summaries of their data, revealing insights that drive decision-making for their organization. 

Course Topics: R and the RStudio softwareData analysis and visualization; data loading, cleaning and transformationreportingreproducibility, and workflow.  

Learning Outcomes: 

  • Load data from common sources such as Excel files, text files, databases, and even the web. 

  • Understand your data through visualization and summary. 

  • Share your results dynamically to common apps such as Excel, Word, and PowerPoint. 

  • Automate common, repetitive data tasks.   

Course Format: self-paced with 2 required assignments

Course Length: Approximately 13 hours