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Essential Literacy Instruction

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Scientifically based reading instruction is key to solving the national reading problem. In this course we will teach the five components of reading instruction, underscore the importance of early identification of children with reading difficulties and highlight effective remediation strategies.  

This course also promotes a better understanding of what dyslexia is and what it is not and addresses new Minnesota state standards on literacy instruction and dyslexia.   

Course Topics: 

  • Scientifically Based Reading Instruction 

  • Five Components of Reading Instruction 

  • Early Identification of Children with Reading Difficulties  

  • Reading Remediation Strategies  

  • Understanding Dyslexia  

Learning Outcomes: 

  • Explain how brain development enables reading. 

  • Describe the components of scientifically based reading instruction. 

  • Explain why structured language instruction is superior to guided reading and the three cueing reading strategy. 

  • Define dyslexia, its prevalence, and symptoms. 

  • Identify ways to support students with severe reading challenges.