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The Art of Sales Persuasion

On Demand

You thought they were going to close this quarter. You did the pitch, the meeting went great, so what went wrong? The Art of Sales Persuasion will equip you with the tools to prevent this internal monologue next quarter. Here you’ll learn the messaging and discovery tactics that show you who is in and out early in your process, and the tactics you can use to flat out win more deals.

Whether you are looking to get more quality opportunities flowing in your pipeline or you manage a team that is breaking into a new market or looking to find a way to level up their game, this is the course for you.

Course Topics:

  • 3 big sales questions and research
  • Getting the most out of your sales mediums (social media, email, phone)
  • Writing good emails
  • Leaving good voicemails
  • Reflective listening
  • Mirroring
  • Labeling
  • Link and trade

 Learning Outcomes:

  • Apply the 3 Questions framework to any message, phone call, or new market
  • Analyze the effectiveness of your sales mediums (email, phone, and social media)
  • Practice persuasion techniques that open and close deals

Course Format: Online, self-paced

Course Length: Approximately 3 hours